AC Not Cooling?

If you live in a place where AC is a must-have whic is Las Vegas to avoid feeling like you’ve been stranded in the desert, then you probably came home one day and wondered why your house or apartment feels like a rocket being flown into the Sun. There could be a variety of issues with your thermostat so before you call an air conditioning technician out for a hefty sum, here are a few things that you can check to save yourself a costly bill:

Refrigerant Leak

Air Conditioning makes use of refrigerant by drawing them through from the outside coils that allow them to be converted into a gaseous form. This coolant fluid works by extracting the heat from the air and cooling it by recycling it with fresh outside air. If the refrigerant has leaked, the air conditioning will stop working or begin to slowly cool your building less and less. This is one of the more serious issues that you can have and must be handled by a trained professional. However, diagnosing your issue is a step in their process that you can remove, making it quicker and less costly.

You forgot to check the thermostat

If you are like most of us, after a hard day’s work, we love nothing more than sitting down and switching off for a while. Your issue could be that your thermostat has been changed to a higher setting or switched off! If you check your thermostat settings, you can see whether you have made the mistake of not lowering it or it is switched to the off position. However, if you take a look and it is set to “on”, that could be the problem. A lot of air conditioning units will have an “auto” setting that will cool the air when it is required, whereas the “on” setting will constantly blow air out when it is not set to ‘cold’.

Check your air filter

The air filter does what it says: it filters out the air coming into your house. So, you may be wondering why a system that is supposed to clean your air would affect the part that cools it. It is all about the airflow! As your air conditioning unit pulls air through from the outside, the air must pass through the filter before cooling. This means that a dirty filter will reduce the airflow as dust and other dirt particles can get stuck in it and as a result, reduce the amount of cool air pumped into your home. To fix this problem, simply install a new air filter.

You need a thorough testing

Sometimes, it’s hard to assess the issue without delving deeper into the actual cause. While a few YouTube videos can help you tap into some simple issues, it is not the right way to approach when the issue is far beyond your understanding. Make sure you do a quick Google search to find someone (close to your location) who is able to perform a thorough testing and suggest the appropriate action.

Frozen evaporator coil

If it is frozen, then why isn’t it working? Well, that’s can be caused by several problems such as dirty filters ,refrigerant leakage,mulfunctioning blower and is often a sign that the warm indoor air is not being pulled through the evaporator coil or its low on refrigerant. Evaporator coil changing is a tricky procedure as well, so don’t attempt to fix this issue without a trained professional assessing and repairing your unit. This is something you will want to get fixed quickly as it can put a strain on your air conditioning unit leading to increased utility bills, frost forming around the air conditioning unit, excessive drainage, and many more issues that could put you out of pocket even more.

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