Mistakes You May Be Making That May Lead to A Heating Repair Las Vegas

  • Running the Heat When the House In Unoccupied: If you head out for the weekend, or the home is empty for the day while you are at work, you don’t have to run the heating system. Use a programmable thermostat to set temperatures for certain times of the day. If you want it to be comfortable when you get home, then set it to turn on shortly before your usual arrival time. This will save you money, and save your HVAC system from wear and tear.
  • Turning up the Thermostat Too High: Some people think that if they turn the thermostat higher than needed, it will heat up the home faster. This is not true. This will only cause the furnace to continue running long after it’s already reached your ideal temperature, and it will not heat up any faster. Make sure to set your thermostat where you want it to be, and nothing higher than that.
  • Not Locking Windows: Most people close their windows when they are running their HVAC system. However, just closing them can still allow for some air to escape the home, which means you will lose energy. Locking a window will ensure that it is completely sealed so that outside air can’t come in, and warm air can’t get out. It might seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference.
  • Exhaust Fans Left On: Everyone turns on an exhaust fan in certain situations. They can help remove moisture from the bathroom and kitchen, and even help to get rid of smells. However, they can draw warm air away from the home, which will make your furnace run less efficiently. Make sure that you do not leave your exhaust fans running for too long.

Heating Repair Las Vegas

While these mistakes mostly cause inefficiency in your HVAC system, in certain situations they could mean that you need a Heating Repair Las Vegas. Contact Prozone at www.prozone.vegas or 702-772-0077 for more tips on weatherproofing your home, and for any HVAC services you might need.


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