Save Money on Heating During the Winter in Vegas

Summer has come and passed. Even though it was full of unforgettable moments, but it is an undeniable fact that it was hot, very hot! However we are in September now which is in its full swing and which means that the weather can change every moment and we have to pay close attention to this. The cold season will be back again.

Are you ready to take on this?

To be able to face the coldness both house owners and contractors have to get ready seriously and continuously.

Save Money on Heating and Air Conditioning in Las Vegas

1. Leak proof the home

We put the biggest winter home-sealing job first because it may also be the most important. There are definitely many gapes whence the wind can penetrate deep in your homes. To evade this problem you can use bubble wrap or simple plastic sheeting to effectively insulate your windows. You can also block draughts from ceiling vents with sticky plastic. Use draught-sealing tape on internal doors. To evade this problem you can use bubble wrap or simple plastic sheeting to effectively insulate your windows To eliminate the flow of air through outlets and switches on interior and exterior walls, remove the receptacle plates covering the outlets and switches and apply from sealers. If your home is properly sealed you will stay warm all season long.

2. Use the natural heat and the sunlight

When Life Gives you lemons- just make lemonade. When nature gives you heat- just use it in a right way. To evade this problem you can use bubble wrap or simple plastic sheeting to effectively insulate your windowsLet the sun in, maximize the sunlight in you rooms. Optimize the number of rooms that will be needed in upcoming months and close the doors of the other rooms. Place some rugs or carpets of the floor. If the floors of your house are made out of stone or wood, these are just perfect warmers for this surfaces.

3. Check up your HVAC system and Equipment

Despite the fact that your HVAC System should be maintained by a professional. You still can check the exterior of your Furnace and Heat Pump and other heating supplies. You should consider having your home’s HVAC systems fully inspected before the true winter months hit. You can clean the condenser unit.

  • A clean air filter helps to protect system components and improve the quality of your indoor air, it means that you have to change your air filters.
  • Clear long grass and debris from the perimeter of the outdoor unit, and trim trees, bushes, or foliage, leaving a three foot clearance on all sides and above.
  • Check your air handling units (AHUs) are adequately protected from the cold weather.
  • Consider using auto-control signals. This allows you to programme preset temperatures and pressures for different times of the day so that your HVAC system works more efficiently when you’re away.


If during any of this processes you notice even a minor problem, please do not turn on or try to fix it by yourself, this can bring to unexpected health and property damages.

In case of any problem or concern do not hesitate to contact ProZone Air Conditioning and Heating.

Some Additional Advice by our Specialists…
Here is a small bonus, for those who will decide to implement some more detailed check up

Furnace maintenance in Las Vegas

There are a few steps that you should take before firing up the furnace to beat the cold weather. Testing your heating unit to make sure that it is working properly is a simple, but one of essential tasks. Get your heating system inspected by an HVAC professional annually. Manufacturers say their furnaces will last longer with regular maintenance.

Heater, Heat Pump and Thermostat in Las Vegas

Test your heat and thermostat. When you switch on the heat, you should hear it kick on right away. Change the battery backup in the thermostat so you know it’ll run all winter. Unless your HVAC is a heat pump (in which case, don’t cover it at all because it runs all year), cover the condenser to protect it from falling icicles. First check the owner’s manual to see if your motor is the kind that needs lubricating. If it does, turn off the power, open the cover and clean the caps covering the bearings. Then remove the caps and lubricate the bearings. If you have an oil-powered furnace, replace your filter and nozzle and check the tank level.

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